ROCK CREEK JAZZ Guitars-Congas-Vocal Jazz Rock Creek Jazz is a trio consisting of guitar, congas, vocals and bass guitar that performs a wide variety of jazz, Latin jazz, blues, rock and country - making this a truly unique group! BOB WILLIAMS - GUITAR Guitarist Bob Williams exhibits amazing skills on the guitar built on varied musical roots. He has performed rhythm and blues with the Peptonz, American folk music with Carey Creed, bluegrass with the Grass Menagerie, and classic rock and dance music with Scott Young and Steppin’ Out. Bob has written many original compositions for the group. Recently, Bob has expanded his musical range to include the piano and chromatic harmonica, as well as mandolin. ROGER ST. VINCENT - BASS GUITAR Bassist Roger St. Vincent has played the five-string bass guitar with many Washington DC area bands and artists, including trombonist Rhoades Whitehill and the Sam Seymour big band, guitarists Steve Abshire and Rob Winter, saxophone and vocalist Maureen McCusker, as well as the trumpet-guitar-piano-bass phenomenon Richard Glass. For many years Mr. St. Vincent performed the trumpet with the Naval Academy Band in Annapolis Maryland, and was leader of the Brass Quintet there. He occasionally performs the trumpet with Rock Creek Jazz (ie., Bag's Groove).

Our original singer when we began at Haydee's some ten years ago was Angie Del Riego - a multitalented artist from the Dominican Republic with the ability to combine music, art and poetry, to reflect her cultural roots and her love for humanity.  Angie grew up singing and playing Spanish folk songs and ballads in the Dominican Republic.  Daughter of a Spaniard, patriot from the Spanish Civil War, and a Dominican mother, Angie learned as a young girl to accompany herself on the guitar.  For twelve years Angie developed a unique style combining the romantic music she grew up with and classical American standards into what she branded as her very own "Latin Twist."  As a soloist accompanying herself with guitar, or with a band, Angie has impressed her listeners with her vocal talent and sense of emotion in her music.  After living in the United States for thirty years, Angie had the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime dream of visiting Spain, her father's land.  She cam in August 2010, and after going through the typical hurdles of a new culture, she found what we all wish for:  Love.  The exact place was Extremadura (the border with Portugal), where she fell in love with both the amazing landscape and an "Extremeno," so she has now established herself in Extremadura, Spain, where she continues to develop her many talents.